Small town charm and simplicity meets vibrant city: Welcome to Ljubljana. The city’s aim is to remain a small capital, but yet be an important facilitator for smart ideas. 

Choosing public transport over cars – For Everyone 

Ljubljana has closed down its city centre for cars entirely. Instead, the city gives tourists sustainable mobility options. Visitors can purchase the URBANA smart card, making it easy to choose public transport over rental cars or taxis. With the card, visitors can pay for tickets on the bus, activate docking stations for bike rentals, pay parking fees, as well as cable car rides to the city’s castle.

Ljubljana’s public transport system is accessible for visitors with disabilities, including visitors in wheelchairs. Ramps and fold-up seats have been installed on buses, traffic lights are equipped with acoustic signals, tactile markings lead the way along bus stations and audio announcements help identify the stop, giving the visually impaired better orientation. The Ljubljana wheelchair app also enables visitors with disabilities to check ahead for accessibility points. 

Digitalisation as a means to help tourists plan their trip + explore the city 

Ljubljana’s central digital platform is its official tourism website. Here, visitors can get information on events, accommodation, trips, art and anything else that’s going on in the city. Visitors can even click a heart symbol next to the offers and that way create their very own travel itinerary online. Ljubljana is active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and listens to what visitors have to say about the city and receive feedback. 

Ljubljana’s digital success does not stop there – the Nexto app leads visitors through the city with a smart audio guide that engages users through features, such as puzzles, riddles and item collections via mobile scanning. And if visitors get thirsty while exploring the capital – there even is a Tap Water Ljubljana app that gives users information on where the closest water fountains are!