Situated in southwest Germany, between the Rhine, Black Forest, France and Switzerland, the city of Karlsruhe is a centre for culture, technology and lifestyle. The city’s balance of historical heritage, green spaces, leisure facilities and urban activities won Karlsruhe the title for the most livable city in 2016. Karlsruhe looks to the future with both tradition and innovation in mind and creates new incentives for improving the city for residents and visitors alike.

Integrating rich culture into the present and future

In Karlsruhe, impressive Baroque and Wilhelminian landmarks stand side-by-side with modern architecture to create a dynamic metropolis. Karlsruhe boasts an enormous wealth of cultural offerings and facilities: from art associations to important galleries, major national events, first-class theatres and museums to high culture from opera to ballet. With themes of justice, equality and globalisation rooted in the foundation of the city, the multicultural diversity and citizen participation throughout Karlsruhe enrich its streets and create living cultural heritage on every corner.

Active investments in future oriented concepts 

Home to Germany’s oldest technical university and Europe’s largest IT cluster, Karlsruhe has long been a digital hub and innovation hotspot. Karlsruhe is working on the consolidation and digitalisation of all offers in a unique “digital@KA” app to simplify visitors’ experiences with cultural programmes, local transport and citizen services. From the Karlsruhe NaturRADtour that invites visitors to explore Germany’s most bicycle-friendly city to the “Kombilösung” project to improve accessibility, the City of Karlsruhe has implemented several projects and innovative mobility technologies to cultivate an accessible and sustainably managed city for locals and travellers alike.