Bremerhaven invites visitors for a taste of its seafaring past. The maritime museum celebrates the city’s relationship with the sea, with artefacts dating back to 1380; the German Emigration Centre traces the 19th century history of Germans who left the country from the city’s New Harbour; and Packhalle IV showcases the best fresh fish, in a 90 year old cookery school.

A city for fish-lovers

If you’re hungry for seafood, you’ll be happy to hear that fish occupies a central role in Bremerhaven’s participation in the UNESCO “Creative Cities Network”. City authorities are keen to highlight the health and environmental benefits of fishing and are thus delighted to host events such as “Cook of the Year” and the “Fish Party”, a city-wide festival that combines seafood with local artistic productions.

If you want to experience how all this fish ends up on our plates, you can take a virtual ride on the GERA trawler ship museum. Whilst on board, via your smartphone, you can meet the captain, who’ll show you the ropes on a North Sea voyage.

A smart approach

Away from the water, Bremerhaven’s embrace of smart technology, including a service-oriented and value-added use of augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality applications, in addition to the city-wide approach to be accessible for all, led to its recognition as one of 14 “Digital Cities”, supported by the EU COSME programme.